Champions for their people, bound by faith to battle eternal

Can you lead the Immortals in battle, vanquish your foes and claim glory?

Equip your champions for combat.
Fight for your creed and rise through the ranks of the elite.

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What is Immortal Creed?

Immortal Creed is a trading card game set in a fantasy themed world integrated with blockchain technology. This allows you, the player, to earn, own and trade your game characters, weapons, equipment and currencies.

In Immortal Creed you will battle other players and non player characters in your quest to spread your creed across the varied lands of Alara. You earn rewards from combat, quests and achievements designed to test your strategy and skills.

Earn Rewards

Play. Earn. Own.



Battle other players and non player characters



Earn rewards from combat, quests and achievements



Immortalize your assets with blockchain technology



Buy, sell and trade with other players

Card packs are available for purchase in the Immortal Creed presale!

Card packs cost 200 in-game credits ("Creedits") which can be purchased for $2.00 USD, with a 2 pack minimum purchase.
Receive bonus packs for larger quantities with presale-only bonuses! Please be aware when purchasing that you cannot open card packs yet.
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